Requesting Funding

Requesting Funding

The Geneva Community Chest is happy to announce that we have opened the funding application link on our web site!

We support local agencies that provide services to Geneva residents. This past year has made fundraising more difficult for all of us. The funding application process helps us to determine where our available funds will best serve the needs of our community.

The global pandemic has increased the need for assistance in many areas. Given the COVID environment, we are seeking those agencies that focus on fulfilling the most essential and immediate needs of people within the community.

If you feel your agency is in immediate need of assistance to help those most vulnerable, please visit our web site and submit your application. Your application will include a completed questionnaire and a copy of your annual budget.

Funding requests must be submitted by Monday, March 1, 2021 to We appreciate your understanding that submission of an application does not guarantee funding. Our Board of Directors will give every consideration to your request, as we work together with our local agencies to support the wellbeing of our community.

If you have any questions please contact Kristie Dienst (Co-Chair of Charities) at

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