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Caring For Our Community

Who We Are

The Geneva Community Chest is an all-volunteer Board of Directors of local community and business leaders dedicated to making a difference. These 32 committed individuals volunteer their time and expertise to raise funds for 29 social service charities that help those in need in our community. For almost 50 years, we have stood alongside and proudly supported vital social service organizations critical to the well-being of the people of Geneva and surrounding communities.


Kristie Dienst

Vice President

Greg Lower


Lori Kohorst

Recording Secretary

Maureen Radecki

Correspondence Secretary

Pat Wittenberg

Past President

Clyde Jones

Past President

Ryan Moen

Past President

Jeff Rodewald

Nancy Belmont

Jessica Christopher

Jean Gaines

Chris Goulet

Mark Granquist

Sara Lantoni

Jill Johnson

Joe Kelly

Jessie Kenny

Dean Kilburg

Brad Kosirog

Steve Lillie

John Martin

DeeDee Mehren

Tara Moen

Tim Nelson

Dan O’Brien

Cookie Olson

Beth Olson

Johanna Patterson

Erin Repp

Matt Rodewald

Mary Rogers

Bret Shannon

Ginny Sylvester

Kay Yotz

Mary Agnes Zellmer

Supporting Charitable Organizations

What We Do

The Geneva Community Chest sponsors a number of events throughout the year to raise funds to help the charitable organizations we support.

We receive requests for funding from worthy, local non-profit charitable social service organizations that provide aid and assistance to people in need. Our dedicated Board of Directors annually then allocates funds to the deserving charities. Obviously, the more resources we have available to us, the more we can support these incredible organizations that are doing such important work in our community.

Because we operate entirely with volunteers and have no staff, office building, rent and related costs, virtually all of the funds we raise go directly to the charities we believe need it the most. This is much different than other charities that have significant administrative costs.

Since its inception, the Geneva Community Chest has continued to remain an independent, community-based organization and not become a part of or affiliate with any national fundraising organization. As such, no funds are diverted to meet stringent funding and staffing requirements imposed by national fundraising organizations. Consequently, one donation goes a lot further to help those who need it right here in our community.

We appreciate your support of the Geneva Community Chest. Thanks for Caring for Our Community!

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