From The Board

Caring for our Community

A letter of Thanks from The Geneva Community Chest:


As we start 2017, we want to take a moment to reflect on all of the amazing accomplishments the Geneva Community Chest has made this past year.


We had a great success with our Annual Wine Gala. Our committee for the Gala has always been a dedicated one. We are also truly lucky for the donations of baskets for the raffle, and for the various vendors who supply our wine. This event is a big one and we couldn't have done it without those individuals. Riverside Receptions is such a wonderful place to hold this! We would like to extend a big thanks to the people who continue to support this event every year. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next wine gala on March 16th!


Our next big event was the golf outing at Eagle Brook Country Club. We look forward to working with them each year as they put everything into making this event memorable. The donations for the silent auction and other various events for this day are extraordinarily generous. This is another event, that could not have happened without our Golf Committee and all the businesses and individuals who come to support us each year. Another very big THANK YOU! We look forward to making this event even bigger in August!!!


Our Little Traveler wine tasting event was another success! This is the event where proceeds of entrants are so generously donated by the owner of The Little Traveler, Mike Simon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mike and Little Traveler team.


This past year we have incurred a new club as well. It was decided that our Charity, would love to get the high school students involved in what we do. Vikings for our Community has exceeded our expectations in the short time we have been up and running with them. These students are interested in helping serve the Community and have shown a great deal of commitment to what we do. In this school year alone, they have chosen to put Christmas lights up for a deserving family, have made charity visits to volunteer their time, and are working on a big fundraiser for April (details to come). This club meets two times a month with three of our board members who help to guide them. We cannot wait to see what else they have up their sleeves this coming year.


In May 2016, we were pleased to award two $1,000 scholarships to GHS graduating seniors Michael Wilkins and Ted Spiro, both of whom have already demonstrated a clear passion toward community service.


Thank you to all of our Facebook followers and people who support our cause. Without your help, we would never be able to give what we do to these numerous charities.


Of course the CHARITIES!!!!! Not only is it the GCC that is passionate about raising money, but for them as well. What we do, doesn't even add up to the strength and passion these organizations have. We are honored to help with what we can and will continue to do so in the future.


One more special thanks to our Board Members! This board is made up of 25 special people. We choose our board based on people who are extremely caring and dedicated. Our board goes above and beyond to give and raise, what they can to all of our wonderful charities. There would be no Community Chest without them.


As we start 2017 we are excited for the many things to come. For the first year ever we will be holding a 5k walk run in July! More details will be forthcoming on that.

Thank you again to all of our donors who give throughout the entire year. We owe you many gratitude and thanks!


Again, thank you for everyone who makes our organization possible. The hearts of our supporters are indescribable and we are forever grateful.

Also, for anyone interested in making year-end donations, here is the link


Thank you!