Featured Charity

Valley Sheltered Workshop


Recently we had the opportunity to visit one of Geneva Community Chest’s charities, Valley Sheltered Workshop (VSW).  VSW employs adults with special needs to perform actual paid jobs for various companies.  We had a chance to meet and visit with each of the workers.  They were very friendly and happy individuals.  And they were very good at their work, which they took seriously.  There were quite a few Cubs fans working there, and we celebrated the Cubs’ being in the World Series for the first time in 71 years.  We know that many people don’t have a chance to see that these wonderful adults are just like the rest of us.  They have wonderful senses of humor.  Some are diehard sports fans.  And they all want to perform meaningful work.  They do it here and I couldn’t be more proud of VSW and the fact that Geneva Community Chest contributes to this wonderful group every year.  This year VSW was awarded a grant of from the Geneva Community Chest.

The workers at VSW construct medical testing kits, including very precise placement of testing stickers on medical tubes.  And they do all of this work with a smile on their faces.  With the current state of funding in Illinois for special needs adults being at an all-time low, charities  like VSW need all the help they can get to keep these wonderful adults working like they want to do.

The Geneva Community Chest is very proud of its ability to support charities like Valley Sheltered Workshop.  Consider donating locally  and you will help people who live and work in our community.  These are your neighbors and they would love your support.  It will make the smiles on their faces even bigger.  Valley Sheltered Workshop is located in downtown Batavia on Main Street.